Saturday, January 23, 2016

They're Not Coming for Your Guns

I have a question for the anti-gun people who are not fascists or insane.
(And sometimes I’m very anti-gun.)
How do you bring in all the firearms?
How do we take them back from those who we consider unfit to own them?
How do we know what’s in the backpack, the gym bag, under the front seat, under the pillow and how do we make those un-indicted, thus far law-abiding individuals give up their weapons?
I don’t approve of unrestrained anger (get help) and I’m anti-stupid (stay in school) but I’ve been guilty of serious anger and stupidity and I’ve acted out while in the grip of both. A lot of stupid and angry people have guns (personal experience) and I’m fairly sure that they should not. Me? I definitely should never own a firearm. Without going into detail, I have no felony convictions, no domestic violence arrests, and my paranoia is within normal limits but I’m self-aware and honest enough to know my own history and tendencies, and neither lends itself to the authorized, safe ownership of a handgun.
(Last Saturday, for no reason, I was talking to people who were not present in my car and I sometimes became angry at them and made threats. I have imaginary enemies.)
There remains the possibility that someone, or myself, could get hurt or killed if I had a Glock in the console.
There are a crazy number of guns in circulation. We’ve seen the stats: one firearm for every U.S. citizen. 318 million people, 300 million guns. I don’t have my gun, so some guy has two. If you don’t have yours, that guy has six guns strewn around his home. Simple math and light research and I reach the conclusion that a crapload of these guns are in the possession of people who shouldn’t have them. Ever. Even with no convictions, no arrests, no traffic tickets, all legal and registered, but:

Road Rage dirtbag can’t tolerate being passed on the freeway.
Methed-out mom shopping at Wal-Mart for a pair of sunglasses.
Quiet recluse with a twisted crush on his landlady’s granddaughter.

How the hell do we figure out who they are, and how do we wrestle away their guns? It’s a big question.
Door to door? I am definitely not volunteering to confront some hungover family on Sunday morning while they’re getting ready for church and ask them if they’d answer a few questions, honestly, and when they don’t score well then I’m authorized to search the house for firepower. Fuck no.
Do we put up a sign on the courthouse lawn asking those who are sad, angry, paranoid, jobless, unhealthy, unstable, marginalized, bullied and unhinged to drop by every Saturday between 11 A.M. and 2 P.M. for a gracious handshake and a big smile as we relieve you of your pistols?
Grant amnesty to everybody and buyback any weapons they may have lying around?
I don’t see it happening without a fascist nanny-state green-party peace and freedom militia takeover. Please, what's the reality? What am I missing? What’s the strategy here? The outrage is mounting along with every mass shooting, and the shooting incidents are getting closer and closer to together. Pretty soon it will be one continuous gunfight; good guys, bad guys, soccer moms, cardiologists, school kids, deer hunters, Mormons, alcoholics, gangbangers, flipouts, nutcases and screwballs blasting away 24/7 coast to coast.
What’s the plan?
Talk is cheap.

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