Saturday, January 2, 2016

I Wish I Knew

Holidays are over, now lets get back to work. Make lists and promises, announce commitments and concerns. Politics and refugees, bullying and terrorism. Give the impression that I care enough, that I know something, I'm involved.

I’m outraged at the way (Fill in the Blank) is behaving and how (Fill in the Blank) is being treated. (Fill in the Blank) must stop. The Government is (Fill in the Blank) and should do something. What is wrong with (Fill in the Blank)? Have they no conscience? No humanity? (Fill in the Blank) is a failure. The real enemy is (Fill in the Blank).

There. All done. All better. Sorted out. A template for outrage that should cover the next 12 months unless there’s an invasion from mars, resurgence of the Black Death or an extinction event (comet, quake, cancellation of Bates Motel). I can get back to writing short stories and novels, maybe even some dopey poetry, without feeling that I’m not participating in the anger and angst required of a modern man. There are very few people I trust enough to consider their opinions and I plan to avoid social media witch-hunts, crucifixions and lynch mobs. I’m an anachronism, unmodern and backwards and I don’t know about anything except:
1.  Late 19th  and mid-20th century classic literature
2.  Jazz music between 1945 and 1965 (and some Avant Garde).
3.  How to stop making shit up
Honestly, I don't even know enough about that stuff. The best thing I have is a method to cease creating my own misery (#3). I don’t always begin the moderating process soon enough, but I am convinced that I can reduce unnecessary suffering by 90 percent. Also, epic literature and decent jazz. If I can help with any of those things, let me know.
Meanwhile, I have a filthy pornographic poem running through my head and I have to write it down before it disappears. In my world that would be a great loss. Happy New Year and Stay Involved.

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  1. Vag do not be veggin but given and trippin as we hoodies would said.