Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Gun Violence: Get Real

Here’s the common post on today’s social media, news organizations, and tweets:

“How many more people have to die of senseless gun violence for this country to enact commonsense gun reform?”

The answer? Lots. Way lots more. Hundreds of thousands. Where the hell do you think we live? France? Japan? We live in America where bacon is considered a dietary staple, where the old testament god is worshiped and we love our death penalty, where ignorant dogbrains interpret the constitution so that it suits their own uneducated, heavily armed agendas and where all you have to do to become monstrously wealthy is to have a big ass. Do you think we live in a magical place where politicians and representatives aren’t human toilets? Some mythical island where women are treated equally and with respect by everyone, including fratboys, rap and rock stars? An alternate universe where human life is valuable and everyone has the same rights regardless of race, sex, sexual preference, wealth? Please. Get a clue. This is what we own. It’s fucked up, but we still have Netflix, Google and our fine-assed new phones. Moms Demand Action, Stop the NRA, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Those organizations really exist. Which of them am I supporting? Uhm…. none. At least no one’s killed a lion this week. If I sound discouraged, I am.

Addendum: An hour later: Jesus Christ, I just sent a small donation to one of the above groups because I can’t stand myself when I blather away without doing anything. I don’t care about the upcoming shitshow that will be the second half of the 21st century because I’ll be gone, but I’d like to reduce and assuage my guilt while I’m still here. I know: Lame.

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