Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dentist Shoots Lion

The big news is that a Minneapolis dentist shot a beloved lion in Africa. Pretty fucked up, but still: A dentist shot a lion in Africa. Not the first. Killing is what a lot of people do. Sure, the guy bent the rules, paid enough money to get what he wanted, big goddamn baby, but what the hell? That’s what happens, right? We worship money and celebrity and power and getting our way, goddamnit. Winning.
According to 90 percent of all the comments in the media, people are really pissed off at Walter Palmer, the dentist. If those people really think that Walter Palmer is a rarity, an asshole who shouldn’t do what he did, different, crazy or simply selfish and venal, I feel sorry for them. How can they be tuned into the news, the web, TV, radio, Google, the New York Times, etc., and not understand that anything that can be corrupted will be corrupted? Walter Palmer is everywhere. The Duggars, the Kardashians, Rebecca Francis, Bill Cosby, Donald Trump.
 I don’t know what kind of guy Walter is, but from his posted pictures, his statements and his excuses, the evidence points to “giant wad of phlegm”. Those who engage in bloodsport baffle me. Dickless? Probably not. Cowards? Hard to tell. Fucked up ideas about their place on earth, the food chain, humanity and cruelty, get their little rocks off killing living things, surround themselves with unstable assholes who agree with them? Yeah, probably. Bunch of pricks.
One of the things that bothers me about the whole episode are the self-professed lovers of the earth and all of it’s creatures, god-fearing, god-loving, Christ-like people, fair, kind, intelligent and educated, vegans, compassionate and liberal who are calling for this idiot’s death and dismemberment. They want him castrated, skinned, beaten, stripped, tied to an anthill and every other kind of crazy, fucked up torture that one can impose on another. Nice going. They fall right into the slobbering, drooling, violent revenge-porn that supports what they claim to be against. Eye for an eye, biblical punishment, Idi Amin and Abu Ghraib,
Palmer paid $50,000 to kill that lion. He’s a perfect representative of a growing sub-culture. Buy what you want (capitalism). Do what you want (freedom). Blame someone else (Democracy). Hunting is stupid and unnecessary and I think hunters are dipshits. In the same way crazy, unqualified, violent law enforcement personnel are being exposed by social media, the wanton, erotic killing of animals, along with racism, sexism, and all manner of dangerous stupidity is being publicized and that’s one of the things that will help to change bad behavior. Not hatred, violence, death threats against a dentist’s family, or torture and imprisonment. Make him stand up and publicly testify. Laugh at him. Diminish him and all of the wealthy, elite, entitled, supercilious assholes he represents so we can stop making dipshits popular and rich. Let them know that their actions have consequences and sometimes you can’t buy your way out. Also, it would be cool not get your next root canal from Walter Palmer, DDS.

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