Friday, May 8, 2015

Nazi Zombie Child Molesters

“Gee, why do they bother to wear anything at all?”
“What’s happening to our society?”
“What do I tell my daughter?”

Those are some of the comments about the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute benefit that took place a few days ago, and all the fucked up fashions that made people question the state of the world. People on my social media “friends” list are pissed off, super confused, bemoaning the seeming deterioration of all that women have achieved. I gave away my TV a few years ago so that I wouldn’t have to watch this shit, but there it is, first thing I see on Google News, the NY Times, Facebook.
            Fashion is big business, corporate and corrupt as hell (sweatshops), and if designers and marketers could figure a way to cash in on torture, dismemberment or disease they would do it faster than an after-dinner purge by a 14-year-old methed-out model. I’m glad I don’t have kids who ask questions about this stuff. Do we stifle their freedom, judge them, control them, or let them do what they want and hope for the best? Fuck if I know. Cult of Personality, Pop culture, Capitalism, Narcissism. Don’t ask me.
Fashion designers are deified and artified, and dresses and shoes and $100,000 handbags are considered acceptable museum exhibits; my relationship to Art is muddled and confused. (I love Joan Didion, I dig her writing, but she has signed with Celine to become a “style icon” instead of one of the great essayists of our time. The fuck is a “style icon”?)
The good thing is that this display has helped me to put the Zombie thing in perspective. Zombies everywhere, right? Because Zombies are the new Nazis. Nazis and Zombies are both condemned and hated and feared by everyone. Zombies are fictional victims of fallout or plague, but too bad, they have degenerated and are disgusting brain-eaters and can be killed, murdered, decapitated, crushed, shot and slaughtered with impunity. Same with Nazis. Hated by all, a recent real-world history of horror and cruelty; vile, wicked cowards who ran in packs attacking the weak.
Child molesters, too. Yeah, yeah, I know, sick people with a perverse craving and a disease that probably can’t be cured. Zombies. Men (and a few women) who abuse the innocent and are selfish, sneaky and horrible. Like Nazis.
 Nazi Zombie Child Molesters.
Why can’t we add really rich people with little or no talent who have never worked and are famous and wealthy for nothing but their needy, borderline personalities and bad taste? Shouldn’t they be classified with Nazi Zombie Child Molesters? Instead, we make them celebrities and massively reward them for their shitty behavior, their bad attitudes, misogyny, racism, egotism and ignorance.
I’ll have to remember that as I applaud someone on The Walking Dead for crushing a Zombie’s skull or whenever Tarantino wipes out a batch of Nazis or the next time a child molester is arrested in a sting. Subversive filmmakers are perhaps softening us up, justifying the violent elimination of threats by using Nazi Zombie Child Molesters as stand-ins for useless mega-rich underachievers.
I wait impatiently for the angry mob to crash the next red carpet display of venality.
Probably not, though.
There will be more heated discussions about fashion and the best/worst dressed, highest paid, who is aging badly and botched celebrity plastic surgery.
I am seriously glad I don’t have children.

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