Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thank you for voting

     Once more, it’s the day after Election Day. This time it went the other way. A lot of my friends are all pissy. They didn’t see this coming? They are looking for someone to blame; the non-voters, the tired, burned out citizens who simply cannot crawl to the polls, one more time, to be disappointed and lose their self respect. I’m a lifelong Dem and I’ll vote Democratic again because, so far, the alternatives are so blatantly abominable. Not the candidates, not even the Republican Party, but the on-going repression, racism, fear, disrespect, violence and fundamentalism that the candidate’s owners pay for, support and sustain.
     Why is everyone moaning so much, anyway? For the past month I’ve been seeing sanctimonious, self-congratulatory posts about how “I voted early”, “Please Vote”,  “You have to Vote”, “It’s your Civic Duty”, “Blame yourself”.
     Shut up. Didn’t they notice that we are still fighting at least three wars? That the minimum wage is so goddamn low that Americans who are fully employed, who work their asses off at hard jobs, cannot buy homes or clothes or afford decent food, schools, transportation? And how about that invasive surveillance? The armed and dangerous and out-of-control law enforcement agencies that are shooting first and then going to lunch? Women still only earn 78 cents for every dollar a worker with a penis is paid. Holy shit. Gender equality has been on the table for at least a century. Your party, whichever one, has done next to nothing since the last time we put them back behind their desks.
Starting today, again, there will be more tough talk and no action; the lobbyists and their favorite pets are moistening their lips, checking their zippers and filling their pockets with tissues. The money train is rolling and there are big smiles all around.
     We did our duty though. We cared, we argued, we scolded and we posted on Facebook. LOL. You are so cute. For our reward we get the Holiday Season. Gifts and lights and shopping and family and food and phones and blockbuster movies.
     Thanks for voting early.

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