Friday, December 29, 2017

What About 2018?

I think I’ll leave Facebook for 2018, or at least the first few months. Give it a try. Give myself some space. I waste precious time looking at pictures of dogs, being scolded or affirmed by self-defined experts and scholars, people who have never had a job. I am bored with reading about genius children, relationships that are just beginning or going bad, and I abhor the overuse of the words “Awesome”, “Epic”, and “Iconic”. A half hour of scrolling while I look for something of significance when I could be writing, reading, practicing the guitar, listening to Don Cherry, Arvo Part, Miles, Chopin; music and literature change my life but they take time and commitment. Social media doesn’t change anything except my sense of value; I don’t have any kids that I need to stay in touch with, my family knows my address, my friends understand me.
My views are personal and have developed over 70 years. I despise seeing anything with a quote from the Bible. I am an unapologetic atheist; actually, I’m an anti-theist and consider belief in a transcendent being, god, intelligent design to be degenerate and dangerous. Read some history. I don’t expect everyone to care and I am sick of seeking attention for boring, normal, everyday events. I just took a bath and read Nietzsche. Bath=easy. Nietzsche=not easy. I could write 500 words on that experience in my status update. Why the fuck would I expect, want or care if anyone knows? And yet, at some childish, immature level, I do. It’s not a way to build self-esteem. It’s a cheap-assed way to get attention and I am done with attention seeking. Also, I find myself blocking and deleting more and more people when an easier way is to deactivate my account.  I will write in my blog (The Vagrant Cantos) from time to time and that way I can still contemplate my experiences and review my thoughts, unload the detritus and not lose my frigging mind. If anyone wants to read that, I can give you the coordinates. I put more thought into the writing on that site. My email is My American phone number is 575 770-7270. We can talk, write, have lunch, have coffee.
I’m going to leave this here for a few days if you need vital stats. I just don’t see the upside any longer.

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