Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A New Driver's License

Last week I had to get a Driver’s License because mine expired while I was out of the country. I’d been dicked around at the local Motor Vehicle Department because, they said, I didn’t have the proper documents. A license, a passport, mortgage statements and utility bills weren’t enough. They sent me home and I didn’t know what else to do. I mentioned it to my friend Tim and he said, “Let’s go to Questa. It’s easy up there.” I didn’t believe him but we drove 20 miles north and pulled into the empty parking lot. I thought they were closed. Nope. Ten minutes later, with the same documentation, I had a renewed license with a nice photo. I didn’t even have to take an eye test. I was in shock. Local government that works for the consumer.
During the procedure they ask a series of questions: Is this you? Have you been arrested for DUI? Are you a citizen?
The last question was: Do you want to register to vote or change your political party?
Well, hell yes.
And holy mackerel, I am no longer a Democrat. Just like that, after fifty years, a few keystrokes and I’m an Independent and I feel like I just got sober. A huge weight has been lifted from me. I may have added ten years to my life. No more money from me, DNC, you lying, cheating creeps. No more stupid emails or robo-calls. Seriously, does that shit work? Probably does, on the “We Are The Chosen” wing of the party. Weak.

In advance, I wish none of the following were true because I dislike the current so-called administration and its supporters, apologists and asskissers more than I ever thought possible. They are the embodiment of corruption and immaturity. The clowns in Washington are not alone; the same kinds of people are in power or trying to get in power everywhere. Sometimes they win. And we know why they win and why they will continue to win, don’t we?
Things have changed and the Lib Dem’s timeworn system stopped working about 20 years ago. The Democrats have to get much, much tougher and put their old ways in the ground. Did they not notice that evil fucks like Karl Rove were being successful? Did they care so much about their image as well-mannered, educated, clever financially secure saviors of the future that they wouldn’t learn from their opponents and from their own mistakes? Wow. Better get it together pretty soon or it will be too late. Hope not.
As of November 9, 2016 political thought flipped on its back but many of the Democratic opposition are still trying to work within an archaic system. The following is a list of replacement conduct and new definitions for outdated terms that will need to be adopted if the Dems want to regain some power in government, save face, grow their brand and enter the world of reality.

Manners          =  Elbows out, take up space, talk loud, disregard others.
Logic               =  Emotional reactions based on childish inclinations.
Facts               =  Unnecessary and a waste of everyone’s time. Grow up.
Fairness           =  Set traps, cheat, blame someone else.
Hygiene           =  Plastic surgery, Rogaine, implants
Truth               =  Lie your ass off and your supporters won’t care. Ever.
Patience           =  It’s for the weak. Threats are more effective. Follow through.
Respect           =  Ridicule all challengers without mercy.
Ethics              =  Get what you want regardless of the cost.
Kindness         =  Don’t waste time with it.
Education        =  Critical thinking is treason.
Resistance       =  Indicates enemies who must be crushed.
Compassion    =  Obsolete unless there is monetary recompense.
Legal                =  Rules for the weak and pathetic.
Government    =  Potential for huge rewards based on services rendered.

There you go; a new system of conduct for the modern activist, a gift from me to the remaining Democrats.
Go ahead, continue what you’re doing and see what happens. Peaceful protests and hats and crafty signs, Facebook outrage, online petitions, prayer, high dudgeon, tears, chants, Instagram, Twitter, Linked-in, Gofundme, begin organizing for 2018 or 2020 or 2024 or whatever. Not for a second will your aggressive and treacherous antagonists listen or care. Get dirty. Give up the ancient image of well-groomed dignity and be willing to take some heat, lose friends, sacrifice the grandchildren. If not? More of the same.
I can say this because I now have a clearer perspective.
I’m an Independent.

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  1. The Dems get plenty dirty when they are doing everything in their power to nominate an unelectable candidate. I remember watching all sorts of cheating during the 08 primary when the dem party establishment was trying to keep Obama from getting the nomination. Then in 2016, same thing against Bernie Sanders (except they were successful in their continual striving to nominate unelectable candidates for president in 2016) I also changed my registration. The only downside to that is that I'll have to re-register every 2 years to vote in NM primary because all the local races are decided in the dem primary in Taos.