Monday, May 23, 2016

Sanders or Clinton

      I’m still supporting Bernie Sanders, but I note that a lot of my Berniefriends are now claiming they won’t vote for Clinton if Sanders doesn’t get the nomination.
      You guys; holy fuck. Sure, revolution, rebellion, we’re pissed off and marginalized and they lie to us. Big surprise. Is this your first goddamn election?
      Don’t you know how this works?
      For fuck’s sake, get a grip. Unless these anti-Democrat Democrats are really well off, I mean rich and settled and happy and living the good life with lots of resources, they have a hell of a lot to lose under another Republican administration.
      I don’t trust Clinton; she’s got a spotty record and she’s certainly shifty as hell, but she’s made it clear that she would try to continue Obama’s programs (which, for the most part, have been fairly enlightened).
      If Sanders loses he will have plenty of influence and his supporters will still (I hope) be fired up and leaning heavily on the establishment. Seriously, I don’t like Clinton but I could have a conversation with her. All I want to do when I hear Trump is turn his face into mush. And move to another continent.
      You don’t like racism? Why would you give a vote to Trump?
      Do you know any women or are you a woman? Do you think women will be better off with a GOP president? Jesus Christ. Welcome to 1950.
      No one knows the future, but you don’t have to be Edgar Cayce to see what’s around the bend if Sanders’ supporters don’t help secure the barricade. Plus, our image as Americans has been slightly elevated in the past 8 years under Obama. Do we really want the rest of the world see us as a circus act, to dismiss us as fat, stupid dimwits and ridicule us, again, the way they did when Bush was screwing things up and making the one percent wealthier?
      There are times when I wouldn’t mind seeing the entire system come crashing down. I could be OK with that. But it’s not likely. Not even close. And since this is my last election as a Democrat (Yeah, so long to that crap), and perhaps my last election ever, I’d like to NOT turn it over to the women-hating, racist, uneducated, heavily armed, drunk, highly crazy and ultra-angry Tea Party redneck hatefilled right-wing infection that is supporting Donald Trump.

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