Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Holiday Poem -- 2015

Taking a Bath -- December 26 2015 

The night after Christmas
Burned out and overspent
Relax in the peaceful bath
Seasoned with a lilac scent

It pops into my head
Like an impure thought
“What would I do
If I’d never get caught?”

Hypothetical of course
But I begin to think
The first thing I’d do
Have a couple of drinks

Pop a mix of pills
Some weed, a pile of coke
After all these years
I could really use a smoke

Then steal all I could
To fund my errant ways
Rip offs and robbery
Will occupy my days

Sex, why not sex?
No one would ever know;
Anyone at anytime
I’d have that sated glow

Every night I’d lie in bed
Make my vengeful lists
Who has bothered me
At whom I'm pissed

Yes, murder, absolutely
Without consideration
Slaughter of my enemies
A bloody termination

(Boundaries are important
But now I make the rules;
Lie and cheat and steal
And judge the tragic fools)

Free to carry on
And time do it right
Leave rubble in my wake
Forever out of sight

Immune to prosecution
Absolved of all my sins
Cleared of accusations
I will always win

Impure and vile thoughts
Of a secret psychopath
Drift through the steamy fog
While I’m soaking in the bath

1 comment:

  1. Supposing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer read this?
    He would probably get high and so would Blizzen, Dancer, pranzer and the old man with an animal fetish. Shame on y ou Vag