Sunday, January 18, 2015

Florence, Italy, January 2015

This week's photos. Waking up, screwing around, going out, coming home, settling down, learning to use the appliances.

Living Room in our apartment on Piazza Santo Spirito. An old convent/monastery attached to the basilica. It is rumored, and I hope this is true, that there was a morgue here and Michelangelo used to come here to study the cadavers. Fourteen foot ceilings.

 One of the weird paintings in the apartment. This child (boy/girl) stares at me, eyes following. I'm sure that as soon as he/she finished posing he/she strangled the dove. Dig the shoes, though.

Piazza Santo Spirito from living room window. Picturesque after a light rain, which drove the drunks inside. No problems though. Coffee shop right across the piazza for daily Italian lessons, friendly barista and cold, detached cashier girl.

The Duomo in the distance as seen from the Palazzo Pitti.

The mural on the inside of the Duomo. All the big names plus the condemned. Started by Vasari, finished by Zuccaro in 1579. Last year you couldn't get inside the church there were so many tourists. In January, we are almost alone and can take all the time we want. Nice.

The inlaid stone floor beneath the dome.

This man is taking measurements for a restoration of the Bronzino in SS. Annunziata. It's an important church, still very active, full of great art that has been overlooked. They are funding a restoration of frescoes and the great paintings. Bronzino is becoming this year's favorite.

Typical street in the Oltrarno, our neighborhood. Lots of graffiti (Gentrification is Class Warfare, Fuck Authority). I appreciate it and there is good food and coffee up there.
I try not to post pix of food, but the tagliatelle and mussels had 27 mussels, fresh pasta and a buttery broth. I will do that again, thank you.

Everywhere in the world. Je Suis Charlie. This place sells cooking apparel.

For all the diabetics, alcoholics, junkies, addicts and people with sugar issues. Glad I'm not smoking ganga. Today.
My goal weight is 300 lbs.

The first of many selfies. Be prepared. I call this one Polyphemus in Italy, Part I.
  The fact that the camera matches my shirt was an accident, but it pulls the picture together nicely.

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