Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sensitive Artists

     Another big article recently about creative people and how sensitive they are. Do you think writers and artists are especially sensitive people? According to many writers and artists they are. Theyre extremely intuitive and thoughtful and insightful, complicated and perceptive. Dont they feel more deeply, arent they more caring and shouldnt we understand that their profound complexity requires that we treat them with extra special respect and admiration?
     Oh, shit no. No, no, no.
     A person I know, who calls himself a writer, does not have cancer, is not living in poverty, doesnt have disabilities, doesnt suffer the burden of children, can afford decent food, gas, heat, appears to be tolerant of his current wife, has plenty of time to garden and travel and take cooking classes at the local junior college. He recently posted a message in which he was passionately lamenting the trials and difficulties of The Writers Life, the literary torments, the daily production of linked sentences composed of correctly spelled words and how proud and blessed he was to have finished his latest story.
     Fuck you, you toilet. Please. There is no Writers Life.
     There is Life, short and confusing and you choose to write. Or paint or sculpt or dance. Or not. There are no special gifts or cosmic sensitivities. Hard work and luck. Those are the often-overlooked necessary components of any real artistic enterprise. Not self proclaimed sensitivity or praise from friends about how well you express yourself in your retarded Facebook posts. Really, everyone expresses himself or herself fairly well and it doesnt make them special or unique.
     Sorry, but there is only one species of humans. Homo Sapiens. Thats us and thats it. Eating, digesting, screwing, dying and some of us do other stuff like painting and writing and juggling and competitive eating. There are not Homo sapiens I and Homo Sapiens II; the first group consisting of everyone else in the world and the other is that special advanced species of writers and artists. Ridiculous bullshit. Bitching about the hardships of an artists life makes one a gigantic whining baby, not an artist. No one is more than a normal human being with varying human weaknesses and abilities.
     Of course, the organism closest to Humans is the Chimpanzee. Perhaps artists and writers are more in tune with their inner chimp than the divine muse.
     Gee, youve written a nice poem and thats a beautiful photograph of your grandchildren in the snow. Moving and profound. Your painting is a wonderful representation of the struggles of the artist in an uncaring society. Heres your banana.
     Now that would make sense.

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  1. I believe I am more sensitive than the squirmy, slimy mass of the rest of humanity! I very seldom get my due but that is only because the rest of them are a squirmy, slimy mass eagerly awaiting next years black Friday and totally engrossed in making up their want lists for Christmas (whoops - Christ's birthday Holiday). That does not mean I am not compassionate, and love them. I like some of them almost as much as my dog!